Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I'm loving!!

Hi guys! This week I decided to do some things I'm loving!
The first thing is Pinterest. I just got an account and have already started pinning!!
My second thing is the perfume Ring My Bella by Benefit. I love this smell and will started using it more.
My last thing is youtubers, Bethany Mota, Cute Girls Hairstyles and Brooklyn and Bailey. I love these youtubers as they are amazing!
So that's what I'm loving. Bye!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

About what's going on!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't blogged when I said I would but I've kept forgetting and not doing it. So next week I'm going to Aviemore and will try and summarise my trip for you as well as trying to do the rest of my blog posts. Tomorrow I'm off school so, I will try and do a few that I can put up if I don't have time to do a weekly one.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Rainbow Loom Charm and Bracelet

Hi! This week I decided to post 2 Rainbow Loom creations, one that I found on YouTube and the other that my mum found.
This is the Chinese Finger Trap bracelet by Claire Wears. I love this bracelet as it's so neat and it isn't easy but it isn't hard. I'm sure I will make lot of these.
Next is this heart that I found on YouTube by ElegantFashion360. It is so cute and could be used for birthdays, best friend cards or Mother's Day presents.
I hope you liked this Rainbow Loom post. Here are the links for the people I got it off: