Sunday, 3 May 2015

Real Neat Blog Award


My BBF Ari nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thank you so much Ari!


Here are the rules:



1. Put the logo on your blog

2.Answer 7 questions by the person who nominated you

3. Link the person who nominated you

4. Nominated any number of bloggers you want to, link their blog and let them know


Here's my answers to Ari's questions:


If you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?

I would be Belle because she is caring and she has a massive library.

What is your favourite book and why?

I have so many favourite books but some of them are: the Hunger Games Trilogy, the Harry Potter series and the Gone series because I just love them.

What is the song that you love most in the world right now?

I love the song This Is My Year by Rawn Erickson II feat The Shaytards

If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

My powers would be invisibility and super speed


What is your most beloved stuffed toy/ teddy?


Here's my favourite teddy Dandelion

Would you rather be……………an Alpaca with a car, a donut with a bow or a turtle with glasses?

I would be a turtle with glasses :-)

What is your favourite YouTube channel?

My favourite YouTube channel is Brooklyn and Bailey I love all their videos


Here are the people I nominate:

Livy- have just started reading your blog and I love it

Yma-Again have just started reading and love


Here are my questions:

1. If you could do anything in the universe what would it be?

2. What is your favourite Television show?

3. What is your favourite memory?

4. How did you find out about blogging?

5. Who's your favourite singer?

6. What is your least favourite day of the week?

7. What is your favourite snack?


Thanks again Ari,






Friday, 24 April 2015

5 Book Confessions

Hiya Y'all!


Today I was reading some blogs and I found hashtag love books. She did a post of 5 book confessions and inspired by her, I'm doing it too. So here they are:


1. I've read Divergent and Insurgent but I can't persuade myself to read Allegiant.

2. I'm a massive fan of Harry Potter and annoy people by telling them info I got of Pinterest.

3. I search Harry Potter and the Hunger Games on Pinterest and do what I call "Geeking out".

4. I have all the Malory Towers books.

5. For the list of things my friends would need for my sleepover I made Hogwarts letters.


I hope you enjoy

Lots of love




Friday, 10 April 2015

Super short post


Super short post as nearly forgot. Here's some random pictures.


Minion bucket from the Easter Bunny


Bugs Bunny pjs. Love them, thx mum!


Hope u liked,

Lots of love,




Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sleepover Party Ideas


Today I'm doing a post on ideas for sleepovers, as I'm having one for my birthday. I looked on Pinterest for ideas and things to do. I looked on loads of sites and here are some of the tips.

1. Have game and craft items ready to have more time to do it. 
2. Have an idea of what you want to do. 
3. Don't leave your parents to do all the work. 
4. Have a theme  

I know it's hard to think of themes so here are some I found: 

Beach- party favors are in bucket instead of bags 
Spa- make natural face masks, do each others nails and relax
Craft- do loads of arts and crafts and use them as party favors  
Auction- get guests to bring a good quality item they don't want, give each guest play money and auction the items away. After guests can swap and bid on the first or largest piece of cake. 

Hope this helped,

Lots of love,


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Liebester Award!!!



I got nominated for the Liebster Award by aribebop my BBF ( best blogger friend!), thx Ari!

Here are the rules of the award-

  1. 1.Mention the person who nominated you and link them into your post

    2.Answer the questions the person who nominated you gave on their post

    3.Nominate 5 other bloggers for the awards

    4.Write your own questions for your nominees

    Here are my answers to Ari's questions-

    What is your favourite donut make and flavour?- Ummmmmm, I think it is Krispy Kreme for the make of donut and their Lemon Meringue Donut is my favourite.

    What is the no.1 song going round in your head at the moment?- Well... I have the song Freaks Like Me by Todrick Hall with the cast of Dance Moms but every time it gets to the chorus it says Geek in my head instead of freaks.

    What is your favourite app on your electronic device?- I think it's Minion Rush because it is so adorable and fun.

What is the cutest thing you own?- Well, this says it all...


Who is your favourite Disney Princess?- I think it has to be Belle because she is a bookworm as well as being really pretty.


These are the people I am nominating-


Susieloudesigns- Luv u

Hollywop- I know ur new but ur good

Natalie Davis- sorry I know you get nominated a lot. But u are awesome


I couldn't think of any more.


Here are my questions-


1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

2. What is your favourite thing just now?

3. If you could do any job, what job would you do?

4. What is your favourite book?

5. Who is your favourite Disney Villain?

6. Who is a hero in your life?

7. What is your favourite memory?


Thx again Ari,


Lots of love,





Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I Am...

Hi Guys,

Today I decided to do a post about me. So here are some fun facts about me,


1. My birthday is on the 28th of April.

2. My first name is actually Louise and my middle name Katie.

3. My mum is Susie from Susieloudesigns.

4. I go to school with aribebop

5. I am a self confessed....wait for it....GEEK! Oh yeah people! You read right! I am a GEEK and I luv it!

6. I am a massive bookworm but I also luv films and tech.

7. I can sew and Rainbow Loom. I also dance and play hockey.

8. I have nosebleeds a lot in the winter.

9. I have a little brother who is completely obsessed with minions ( I actually think he is a minion. Strange).

10. I am obsessed with the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins,Harry Potter by J.K Rowling and the Gone series by Michael Grant. They are amazing!!!!!

Hope u liked this,

Lots of love,






Monday, 6 April 2015


Hiya peeps!!!

Today I decided to show you another hairstyle. It took me ages to work this out so I hope you like it.


1. Brush out the hair.

2. Put all the hair but a 2-3cm width of hair which you need to leave out, in a ponytail on the top of the head.


3. Now take one of the loops of the band securing the ponytail and put the ponytail through it stopping when you only have a tiny length of hair at the back.

4. Fan the loop out.

5. Take the strand of hair you made earlier and pull it over your fanned out loop and wind the strand round it and pin it at the back.



Draw 2 circles, colour them black, poke holes in them and pin them in the hair. :)


Hope you like it,